Baldwin Park, a city in Los Angeles County in Southern California, is located 17 miles east of Los Angeles in the central San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles. If we go back to the history of this city, Baldwin Park started as cattle grazing land belonging to the San Gabriel Mission in the mid-1800s. From 1880, the community was known as Vineland until the city name changed to Baldwin Park in 1906; named after a wealthy landowner Elias J. “Lucky” Baldwin. Baldwin Park has a total area of 17.6 square kilometres and a population of 74,609 in 2020. The neighboring communities are Avocado Heights, El Monte, Industry, Irwindale, Vincent, West Covina, and West Puente Valley.

Baldwin Park is well known for the first In-N-Out Burger opened on October 22, 1948. The amazing fact about In-N-Out Burger is the idea of crossed palm trees, where under a hidden treasure was buried.   In-N-Out founder Harry Snyder who liked it in the movie; It is a Mad, Mad, Mad World, featured the trees because he wanted these trees to be there. Other attractions of the city are Original In-N-Out Replica, Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum, Walnut Creek Nature Park, Disneyland, Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Regency Inn & Suites, Courtyard Los Angeles Baldwin Park, and the like. Sometimes people might say that Baldwin Park is ghetto, but it is a beautiful city and has all the amenities of a big city.

Baldwin Park is a city and suburb of Los Angeles County, located in the central San Gabriel Valley. The city, “Hub of the San Gabriel Valley”, has proximity to other major and big cities like Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Ana and the like which allows visitors easy access to several major attractions in the region. Every year, thousands of tourists gather in that region to get thrilled with the adventures of the city.

The tourists make wastes and trash by throwing particles on streets, parks, roadsides, and walkways that can blockage drainage systems and pollute the air and the water. These roadside particles can even cause accidents and severe injuries to animals, pedestrians, and cyclists. So expert street sweeping is paramount to remove these harmful materials that cause injuries to people, damages to vehicles and pollution to the environment. No one wants the delightful city of Baldwin Park to lose its attractiveness, discouraging people to visit and live in the city of Baldwin Park.

Baldwin Park is also a business-friendly environment leading to attract and retain quality businesses that reinforce its economy. World famous companies like SpaceX, Walt Disney, and Amgen are running their business there and producing an enormous amount of waste that ends up with the streets, lands, and in the water ways via curbs and gutters. This is where Advanced Street Sweeping is paramount in order for building a beautiful, clean, and healthy city. No one knows Street Sweeping better than the 70 year industry leader R.F. Dickson Sweeping. They know how to approach each city’s unique circumstances. No two cities are the same, this is why so many cities are not getting the services they need to keep the public safe and healthy.

Street Sweeping not only keeps the environment free of street pollution, but most importantly advanced street sweeping also protects our immunity system from diseases like Covid-19.


As we have passed more than a year into the COVID-19 epidemic, we have witnessed how the human immune system fails to fight virus disease like COVID-19. Our immune system is compromised by dirty streets, that pollute land, air, and water. Let us explain how pollution is triggered by; city streets carry transportation chemicals, petrol exhaust, brake, and tire dust and then mix up water, run-off pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, weed killers, and many other toxins. This accumulation of chemicals and toxins can find its way into the environment, drinking water, and our bodies. Pollution runs through the drainage system, water runoff, and beaches into oceans. Pollution makes us vulnerable to COVID-19 and other fatal diseases by weakening our immune system. According to the European Health Alliance, “There is “A strong correlation between air pollution and COVID-19, that could explain the negative impact on the immune system.”

Debris emitted from construction sites and roadways gutters quickly clog storm drains and block runoff pathways causing water pooling on roadways which leads to water run-off pollution. When all these things are considered in the context of Baldwin Park city, Street Cleaning can be seen as vital to keeping our city free of pollution and healthy. For this end, Baldwin Park City residence rely on an effective street sweeping plan routinely with the experience and expertise to handle the myriad of challenges faced by a professional Street Sweeper.

Nowadays, Street sweeping companies approach various modern and advanced technologies along with some traditional systems to serve a city.  Driverless Street Sweeper and Regenerative Street Sweeping are two new advanced technologies in this field. R. F. Dickson Sweeping company is always one step ahead to use the most advanced technologies to remove harmful substances from our streets and roads. Advanced Street Sweeping, defined by the industry leading street sweeper R. F. Dickson Co. based on its 70 Years of practical experience, in some of the most challenging circumstances use the most advanced method such as Regenerative Air Cleaning System that deeply cleans even the small particles that cannot be seen. Dickson’s advanced technology Sweepers are run by clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG) and supported by Advanced Technical Equipment and Expert Management Teams. Dickson’s road sweeping services program and plan comply with the Federal Clean Water Act and conform to the National Pollutants Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). The company’s mission is “A healthful city by maintaining clean air, land, and water”. R. F. Dickson sweeping company recognizes “Public Education” as the first line of defense and “Street Sweeping” as the second line of defense. Dickson Sweeping is not only a family business, their clients are part of the team to build a healthy environment by removing toxins from our environment before they can get into our bodies, air, land, rivers, lakes, and oceans.


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