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People plan to live, work, and visit a good place. The opportunities for livelihood, enough housing and recreational facilities, the environment, and the like, make a city good or bad. The need for a pollution-free environment has never been greater because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Street pollution impacts the immune system, negatively weakening it to fight fatal diseases like COVID-19. Advanced Street Sweeping in Bell may be an effective program to remove contaminants from the atmosphere and boost the immune system, leading to a healthy community.

Bell is a city in Los Angeles County situated on the east bank of the Los Angeles River in southeast Los Angeles County, California. Bell is the thirteenth smallest city (2.5 square miles) in the United States. It is located 2 miles northeast of South Gate and 6 miles southeast of Los Angeles, California.

Bell is known as the key to industry because of its location at the central Los Angeles Industrial center. Major transportation corridors, including Interstate 5 (Santa Ana Freeway), Interstate 710 (Long Beach Freeway), and the Union Pacific Railroad, are close to Bell’s city. All these things make Bell a destination for business interests. Bell is also home to several small industries.

The construction and development of industries and operations of factories emit tons of debris and chemicals, which are hazardous for the ecosystem. Street Sweeping in Bell can safeguard the environment and public health by eliminating this debris and chemicals.

Bell is only minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles. Other attractive cities are also closest to the city. As a result, the residents and visitors of Bell have convenient access to the nearby cities’ natural, cultural, and sports attractions, including Dodger Stadium, Staples Center, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Every year, the city attracts thousands of tourists here. Tourists leave food scraps, water bottles, cans, tissue paper, newspapers, and magazines, which make up huge wastes. So, if there is no Street Sweeping Company in Bell, these wastes will find their way into our environment.


The world is undergoing a painful transition. COVID-19 is still unstoppable. We are fighting fire with fire as millions of people have died of COVID-19. As a cure for this virus-borne disease has not been invented, we should boost our immune system to fight back such fatal illnesses. But scientists have found that pollution has an adverse effect on the immune system, making us susceptible to various fatal diseases. There is “a strong correlation between air pollution and COVID-19, that could explain the negative impact on the immune system,” said the European Health Alliance. So, Street Sweeping in Bell is vital to maintain improved public health by boosting the immune system through eliminating pollutants from surroundings.

The city of Bell is connected to 2 major freeways of the region. Transportation pollution can take place in the city of Bell. Every day, hundreds of vehicles run through these routes. They carry various chemicals, oils, and other toxic elements. Highways, streets, and roads also carry tire dust, smoke, fertilizers, weed killers, paints, grease, and other things. These may add together and find their way into agricultural lands, storm drains, roadway gutters, beaches, oceans, and the like. There is a need for Street Sweeper in Bell to discharge these elements.

The R. F. Dickson Street Sweeping Company, a Street Cleaning company in Bell is looking to serve the community by addressing street sweeping and pollution issues with their superior expertise. Dickson is the industry-leading Street Sweeper with over 70 years of expertise and knowledge in pollution management, control and disease prevention.

Unlike other Street Sweeping Companies, RF Dickson Street Sweeping Company does not exclude any services from the scope of the Street Sweeping program to obtain the contract by bidding cheaply and abides by the contract, unlike some competitors. Rather, it strives to be more efficient while providing full-service solutions. Dickson Street Sweeping technology even cleans the micro materials like tire and break dust, using cutting-edge technology called “Regenerative Air Sweeping,” even the smallest item invisible to the naked eye. Dickson’s equipment and operations are handled by a highly trained support staff. It uses Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to power its equipment wherever feasible, keeping the air clean and breathable.


  • Municipal Street Sweeping
  • Stormwater Runoff Management
  • Highway Sweeping
  • Seasonal Street Sweeping
  • Emergency Street Sweeping
  • Construction Sweeping
  • Heavy leaf season clean up
  • Construction clean up

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