A city is considered a nice place to live, work, or visit based on some criteria that have an influence on its citizens. People want to work and live in a city that has enough housing facilities, the environment is healthy and free of pollution, the weather condition is favorable, there are enough opportunities for livelihood, there are adequate parks and recreation facilities. 

If a city’s environment is not clean and healthy, if any of the land, water, and air of a city is polluted, the city will be deemed as unsuitable for living and people will not make their way there to live, work and even for visiting. Paramount for a quality of life is adequate and effective efforts of Street Sweeping services in Cypress City because Street Sweeping can be fruitful to eliminate dangerous substances from the city’s air, water runoff, land, parks, streets and roadways making a safer and cleaner environment. R.F. Dickson Co., an industry-leading Street Sweeper with 70 years of expertise, can take the challenge of keeping the environment healthy and boost the immunity of the community to protect against COVID-19 by providing Advanced Street Sweeping in Cypress City.

Cypress is a city in northwestern Orange County and a suburb of Los Angeles within Southern California with a population of 48,893. It is a great place to live in California. The city name came with an interesting fact. In the 1950s, the land had about 1,700 people and 100,000 cows and it was incorporated under the name “Dairy City” in 1956 by local dairy farmers. In 1957, local residents voted to change the name from “Dairy City” to “Cypress”.  As the decline of dairy products, the new milks made from nuts and plantbased milks has sky rocked. The name Cypress was picked from Cypress Elementary School which took its name from the Cypress trees planted in the school premises.

Living in Cypress City offers residents a dense suburban feel with affordable housing, amusement parks and recreation facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, sports and entertainment facilities. Cypress City has 21 parks including Arnold Cypress Park, Evergreen Park, Nature Park, Mackay Park. The city is home to several national and international companies, shopping centers and the single largest source of tax revenue-the Los Alamitos Racecourse. Cypress city government must feel the need for cleanliness and healthiness regarding those facilities to keep them appealing to its community. It’s mandatory for the city authority to have enough budget and adequate and effective Street Cleaning in Cypress City to keep debris, trashes, wastes, hazardous components and toxins out of the city’s streets, roads, parks, water runoff, storm drains and environment.

The city of Cypress shifted from flat grassland to a business-friendly developed city. Yamaha Motor Company, Mitsubishi Motors, Sweet Candy, are examples of some top companies operating their business in the city. Since the building boom in the 1960s, a lot of construction and development projects have been undertaken throughout the city. A robust amount of debris and construction wastes are produced from these construction process that ends up in the streets, lands, runoff, storm drains, and oceans that pollutes the environment. Street sweeping companies like RF Dickson can be an ideal solution for construction clean up and stops the spread of wastes and harmful contaminants before they can get into our streets and homes and affect our health as well as the environment.


In today’s world, the most worrying thing for world leaders is the devastating impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. Why we are so vulnerable to COVID-19? There may be different opinions as to the cause of the outbreak of the coronavirus. But it’s obvious that the failure of our immune system to protect ourselves from such virus borne diseases is the main reason for our helplessness against COVID-19.  European Health Alliance found that; There is “A strong correlation between air pollution and COVID-19, that could explain the negative impact on the immune system.” Many environmental scientists found that pollution can cause fatal diseases and impedes the immune system. To make the immune system protective against COVID-19, Advanced Street Sweeping is paramount to removing pollutants and toxins from the environment of Cypress City Streets.

City streets  of Cypress  located in Orange County have channels of concentrated pollution and carry transportation chemicals, petrol exhaust, brake, and tire dust.  Then water and various toxins like fertilizers, pesticides, paints, solvents, oils, animal waste, batteries, decaying leaves etc. mix together. In the absence of adequate Street Sweeping, This accumulation of chemicals, water, and toxins can find its way into the environment, drinking water, and our bodies. R.F. Dickson can be the best solution to remove these chemicals before they can get into our body and environment.

On city of Cypress official website, the authority clearly suggested ways and tips on preventing stormwater pollution and keeping pet waste out of streets and roads. Stormwater carries pollutants like trash, pet waste, runoff from pesticides and fertilizers, and other toxic household chemicals. It remains untreated until it reaches the ocean and beaches. Cypress Municipal Code states that animal waste is considered a pollutant and if someone fails to pick up after pet waste, he or she will be fined. So, in light of preventing stormwater pollution and pollution through pet waste, Street cleaning in Cypress is vital.

Industry-leading Street Sweeper, RF Dickson with 70 years of expertise in pollution control and disease prevention comes up with its Advanced Street Sweeping technology to help keep air and water clean and the community of Cypress healthy.

Not all cities have adequate management and equipment to handle the severity of the ongoing toxic pollution and clean-up. Some cities are cutting their budget on Sweeping services and some Street Sweeping companies are reducing the scope of work to make up for their low bids. Both affecting citizen’s health and immunity protection against Covid-19 and other health-related issues. R. F. Dickson Street Sweeping company in Cypress uses the most advanced Street Sweeping technologies backed by Advanced Technical Equipment and Expert Management Teams. Dickson’s Advanced Street Sweeping technology Regenerative Air System is so much effective and efficient that it sweeps even the small particles that cannot be seen. With all its efforts and expertise, however, Dickson sweeping can help the Cypress city government to keep harmful substances and other toxins out of the citizen’s bodies and the environment.


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