A place or city attracts people to live, work, or visit, when it provides opportunities. A multitude of linked factors defines these options. The determinants can be employment opportunities, environmental conditions, housing opportunities, and the standard of living, etc. In today’s world, environmental condition is the prime concern for people when we are going through a severe crisis moment of Covid-19. Environmental pollution breaks down our immune system making us vulnerable to such virus borne diseases. Advanced Street Sweeping in the City of Industry can be helpful to keep citizens safe and healthy, in light of Covid-19, by controlling environmental pollution by strict regulations of AQMD and NPDES against Street Toxins by Expert Street Cleaning and Advanced Equipment.

The City of Industry is an industrial suburb of eastern Los Angeles County in the San Gabriel Valley region, California. The amazing fact of this industrially developed city is that the population size was only 40,335 (2018) within its 31.24 square kilometers area. The Industry was incorporated on 18 June of 1957.

85% of the land area of the City of Industry was developed as 92% industrial and 8% commercial. It is considered the San Gabriel Valley’s economic hub and a key contributor to Southern California’s labor market. The town is home to approximately 3000 businesses and offers over 80,000 jobs. The City of Industry is a haven for the businesses like heavy manufacturing, chemical mixing and battery recycling.

Throughout the year, an endless variety of sports and outdoor leisure activities are accessible, from the neighboring mountains to the nearby deserts to the Pacific Ocean. The city of Industry is located at the crossroads of four counties: Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside. Major highways and freeways surround the City of Industry:  Interstate 10, the San Gabriel River Freeway (Interstate 605), the Pomona Freeway (State Route 60), and the Chino Valley Freeway (State Route 71), and the Orange Freeway (State Route 57). This gives the residents and visitors in the neighborhoods around Industry quick and straightforward access to various recreational opportunities across Southern California. Consequently, hundreds of visitors flock to the city of industry to enjoy the natural beauty of this lovely metropolis.

Municipal Street Sweeping is paramount to control transportation pollution. The industries and manufacturing factories emit waste and toxic chemicals that pose a severe risk to the environment. Every year, tourists produce enormous trash from their food scraps, bottles, paper, tissues, and canes. Unless the wastes and materials are swept to a high standard, they can go into gutters, storm drains, streets and waterways to create obstacles to storm drains and environmental pollution.


The benefits of Street Sweeping in The City of Industry are worth mentioning. We cannot think of a clean and healthy city without Street Cleaning. The most important reason for regular sweeping are outlined below:

From time to time, Covid-19 is changing its nature, attacking nations with its different variants. But still, there has not been invented a cure for the Covid-19. For this, we have to rely on our immune system to cope with the disease. But the alarming news is that our immune system is not strong enough to protect us from such virus borne infections. Many scientific studies found that pollution impedes  our immune system. The European Health Alliance shows that; there is “A strong correlation between air pollution and Covid-19″ that could explain the negative impact on the immune system.” When that happens, Street Sweeping is the most viable  option for removing pollutants and toxins from the environment and keeping the air clean, which protects our immune systems from various dangerous illnesses.

The City of Industry has an enriched transportation system. The town is strategically situated along the United States’ most significant transportation and logistical corridor for transporting goods and commodities from Asia, Mexico, and the Pacific Coast to the eastern United States. To the area, there are more than 50 major trucking lines to serve the delivery of goods. Union Pacific and Southern Pacific transcontinental railroads support the business firms in transporting. Also, the city is connected to the major freeways in the Los Angeles region. Transportation chemicals, gasoline exhaust, braking, and tire dust are all carried via these transportation routes, streets, freeways, and railroads. Then these pollutants mix up with storm drains, gutters, water, croplands, beaches, parks, and oceans. If there is no cleaning service for removing these materials and toxins, they can then find their way into the environment, drinking water, and our bodies. So, Street Sweeping is paramount to removing pollutants from the environment.

R.F. Dickson comes to the City of Industry with its 70 years of industry-leading experience to help manage all of the difficulties and complexity of Street Sweeping.  Dickson Street Sweeper in the City of Industry can help the city government keep toxins out of its environments and citizens’ bodies by providing Street Sweeping services and consultations regarding pollution control and disease prevention, resulting in a more muscular immune system. Especially in light of Covid-19, it’s vital.

Unlike some other sweeping companies, Dickson does not t cut the essential services from its Street Sweeping service program to under bid to get the contract from a city. The RF Dickson Street Sweeping uses the most advanced technologies and management in Street Sweeping, including  “Regenerative Air System”, which effectively clean and vacuums even microscopic particles that are invisible to the naked eye while also being less loud than brush-only sweepers. Its Street Sweeping service and equipment are supported and managed by advanced technical teams. Most all the equipment is run by Clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), when available, leaving our air cleaner to breathe. Dickson’s sweeping operations comply with the Clean Water Act and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).


  • Municipal Street Sweeping/Street Cleaning
  • Stormwater Runoff Management
  • Highway Sweeping
  • Seasonal Street Sweeping
  • Emergency Street Sweeping
  • Construction Sweeping
  • Heavy leaf season clean up
  • Construction clean up
  • CNG Fueling
  • AQMD and NPDES Regulations

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