It’s no matter having adequate facilities for living and employment in a city until it has pleasant weather and a sound environment. A city’s attractions lie collectively in its environment and facilities for livelihood and recreation. But we damage our surroundings by throwing materials at them and leaving them uncleaned, leading to environmental pollution. Pollution causes various severe illnesses to people. Especially in the Covid-19 situation, the need for a pollution-free atmosphere is vital. Scientists found that pollution breaks down the immune system, which can cause the failure of immunity to be protective against diseases. The city government may approach Advanced Street Sweeping in Los Alamitos to improve public health and ensure health security, particularly during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Los Alamitos is a relatively small city located in West Orange County, California. The city was incorporated on March 1, 1960, and it has a population of 11,534 (2019) in its 4.07 square miles area. Los Alamitos, the city of Little Cottonwoods, is often referred to as “A Jewel of a City.” Los Alamitos is 3 miles South of Cerritos and 7 miles East of Long Beach. Nearby communities are Long Beach, Seal Beach, Cypress, and Garden Grove. Currently, the town is well known for the Joint Forces Training Base, a training center for providing training for military personnel.

2,000 companies are operating in Los Alamitos, mainly in Light manufacturing and wholesale categories. The City’s major thoroughfares are lined with many retail businesses and eateries, adding to the city’s small-town atmosphere. There would be a massive amount of wastes and materials from the daily operations of such companies. These harmful elements can enter our bodies and environment unless cleaned thoroughly. An effective and efficient Street Sweeping program in Los Alamitos can provide the ultimate solution to clean such wastes generated from factories and businesses.

The city has several excellent parks and leisure amenities. The intersection of two major highways provides easy access in and out of the city. Los Alamitos has enough shopping centers and restaurants beyond offering racing tracks, golf courses, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, and a baseball field.

Los Alamitos and Nearby Attractions

  • The annual Race on the Base
  • Los Alamitos Museum
  • WWII West Coast Submarine Memorial
  • Isidore Historical Plaza
  • Weekend of Art
  • Music & Movies Event Series
  • El Dorado Nature Center.
  • Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Gardens.

Los Alamitos pulls in thousands of tourists every year because of the adequate facilities, easy access, and great attractions. To retain the flow of tourists, cleanliness and improved public health is a pressing matter. Tourists also produce wastes from food scraps, drinking water and bottles, cans, tissue paper, and the like. A thorough and effective Street Sweeping can ensure cleanliness and removal of wastes.


Street Sweeping is not just cleaning roads and streets, it’s a mechanism of keeping the environment clean and safe to ensure improved public health. Environmentalists and health experts see Street Sweeping as one of the most effective and cost-efficient pollution control and environmental protection methods.

Today is the era of the destruction of Covid-19. The world is undergoing a severe transition. Covid-19 remains uncontrollable, and no one has succeeded yet to invent the antidote to the illness. We can only make our immune system stronger so that we can stay protected against such virus-borne diseases. But the alarming news is that pollution can impact our immunity negatively, making us susceptible to Covid-19. A study undertaken by the European Health Alliance found that there is “A strong correlation between air pollution and COVID-19, that could explain the negative impact on the immune system.” So, R. F. Dickson Company can provide the most economical and effective Street Sweeping solution to Los Alamitos to remove harmful contaminants and toxins from environment, which leads to a proactive immune system.

  • Public safety: Street Sweeping’s primary goal is to guarantee public safety. Debris removal lowers the number of obstacles that cause collisions, resulting in fewer accidents.
  • Pedestrians, Runners, and Cyclists: Pedestrians, runners, and cyclists may veer into the highway due to unattractive garbage, dirt, and roadside debris, resulting in accidents and serious injuries. Street sweeping gets rid of all of these items.
  • Clean environment: Sweeping the streets deeply helps remove pollutants and dangerous waste, resulting in a cleaner environment.
  • Stormwater runoff management: Advanced Street Sweeping removes garbage and waste from roadways before it reaches storm drains and runoff, reducing stormwater runoff.
  • Wildlife and pet protection: Food waste on the road attracts animals and pets, resulting in accidents and severe disease. Street sweeping is a method of removing trash off roads.
  • Reducing car damage from road debris: Residue, heavy metal, and other impediments may be removed from streets and roads to reduce vehicle damage.
  • Stormwater runoff management: Uncontrolled runoff causes wetland deterioration. The protection of wetlands is assisted by street cleaning.

If contracted, R. F. Dickson Street Sweeping Company in Los Alamitos can be the best partner of the city to control the complexities of Street Sweeping. Dickson is the Street Sweeping industry leader and possesses 70 years of expertise in pollution control and disease prevention through cleaning services. Often, Street Sweeping companies remove essential services from their Street Sweeping plan to themselves efficiently and win the bid. But Dickson does not exclude services; rather it strives to be more efficient than others. The most advanced Street Sweeping technology, “Regenerative Air Sweeper” is also used by Dickson Sweeping. An expert management team backs its technology and equipment. When available, CNG (Clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas is used in it’s most of the equipment, which maintains the air clean and breathable. Dickson’s sweeping operations are guided by the Clean Water Act and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).


  • Municipal Street Sweeping
  • Stormwater Runoff Management
  • Highway Sweeping
  • Seasonal Street Sweeping
  • Emergency Street Sweeping
  • Construction Sweeping
  • Heavy leaf season clean up
  • Construction clean up

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