Now is the era of the destruction of COVID-19 around the world. We cannot fight against this fatal disease because there is no known cure invented yet. Why we are so vulnerable to Covid-19? It’s the failure of our immune system to protect against such virus-borne fatal diseases like COVID-19. And environmental pollution impedes the Immune system. Advanced Street Sweeping in El Monte can be a most effective initiative to remove pollutants from the environment and maintain a healthy and safe environment for the City.

El Monte, a city in Los Angeles County, is situated between the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo Rivers. El Monte is 15 minutes east of the City of Los Angeles, and 20 minutes southeast of Pasadena. The city was named by the Spanish soldiers and missionaries who usually stopped here for respite. Historically, El Monte is known as “The End of the Santa Fe Trail,” The city has fame as a residential, industrial, and commercial city in Los Angeles County.

In the early 20th century, agriculture remained the main contributor to El Monte’s economy. Later, the community experienced a shift from small farming to urban agriculture. Field crops were replaced by the dairy industry, fruit orchards, walnut groves, truck farms, and hay and vegetable fields. However, subsequently, remarkable economic and infrastructural development of this agricultural land has been achieved that made the city an urban community of homes, schools, and parks supported by an expanding industrial and commercial base. Regular Street Sweeping in El Monte supports agricultural development by removing hazardous chemicals, pollutants, and toxins from the streets and roads which then mix up in street gutters, storm drains, and the street water runoff that ends up in agricultural lands, thus these pollutants find their way into our bodies. Making Advanced Street Sweeping paramount for all citizens. But only a few street sweeping companies, such as R.F. Dickson Street Sweeping have the 70 years of experience to really understand the dynamics of pollution control.

El Monte has a state-of-the-art transportation sector that connects the city with a business hub across the country and eases business. The city’s bus station is the largest west of Chicago which connects the San Gabriel Valley to Downtown L.A. and carries 22,000 passengers daily. This is attracting big companies to operate their businesses here and tourists from around the world to travel here. Famous companies like The Gill Corporation, Lawrence Equipment, Penske Motor Group, Orchid Anzon, and many more are running their businesses here. However, tourists and business companies are producing a robust amount of wastes and toxins which is detrimental to the environment. R.F. Dickson Co, Industry-leading Street Sweeper in El Monte can be the best solution for the most concentration of transportation pollution; engine exhaust, break and tire dust, oil, construction cleanup, animal waste, pesticides, herbicides, and weed killers. A toxic cocktail that must be tackled by professional street sweeping equipment. An ounce of prevention, guards against breaking down the immune system. Street sweeping remove debris and harmful contaminants from our environment.


Many scientific studies found that environmental cleanliness is vital for a strong immune system leading to protect ourselves from pollution and fatal diseases. Pollution can not only harm the environment It can also threaten human existence by making us vulnerable to various chronic illness.

Why is the COVID-19 Epidemic virus so hard to manage? It’s our immune system’s failure to be protective enough to fight such virus-borne diseases. The European Health Alliance found that; there is “A strong correlation between air pollution and Covid-19 that could explain the negative impact on the immune system.” Many scientists found that Pollution is harmful to and impedes the Immune System that causes incurable diseases and loss of lives. In this circumstance, Advanced Street Sweeping is vital in light of Covid-19.

The city of  El Monte is surrounded by freeways- the 10, the 605, and the 60, a continual source of concentrated pollution. Also, the city has one of the biggest bus stations in the region, adding more pollution to city streets. Every day, thousands of vehicles are running on those routes. These streets and roads are receptacles of pollution and carry transportation chemicals, petrol exhaust, brake, and tire dust. These pollutants, mix up together with water run-off, wastes, run-off pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides, oils, grease, decaying leaves, and many other toxins. All running together into a toxic stream of pollution, finding their way into the storm drains, gutters, runoff water, oceans and enter into the environment, drinking water, and our bodies. In the absence of an effective and efficient program for El Monte Street Sweeping, the city government cannot protect its citizens from the detrimental consequences of environmental pollution.

The need for street sweeping in El Monte can be more specific:

  • Public safety: can be ensured through the removal of obstacles that cause accidents and collisions
  • Safer roads: can be maintained for pedestrians, runners, and cyclists by sweeping unsightly trash, dirt, or roadway debris.
  • Healthy environment: regular street sweeping removes pollutants and toxins and keeps the environment healthy.
  • Stormwater runoff management: roadways debris and wastes can be swept before they enter into storm drains and runoff.
  • Wildlife and pet protection: roadside food trash attracts wildlife and pets that can cause accidents and serious illness. Street Sweeping removes such trashes from roads.
  • Lessening automobile damage from road debris: removing debris, heavy metal, and other obstacles from streets and roads minimize damages to vehicles.
  • Wetlands preservation: Street Sweeping ensures controlled water runoff and thus preserves local wetlands.

RF Dickson with its 70 years of industry-leading expertise can control the Street Sweeping complexities of cities like El Monte. Dickson’s expertise and support of pollution control and disease prevention by means of Street Sweeping are vital for keeping the immune system of El Monte citizens strong that makes them healthy by removing toxins from streets and roads. Especially in light of Covid-19.

Industry-leading Street Sweeper in El Monte, like R. F. Dickson can adequately provide Advanced Street Cleaning Sweeping Services. Along with traditional systems, Dickson uses the most advanced Street Sweeping technology; Regenerative Air Sweepers that thoroughly cleans even tiny bits of pollution that aren’t visible. Its Street Cleaning and Street Sweeping programs are supported by Advanced Technical Equipment and Expert Management Teams. Clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is used to run Dickson’s equipment leading to cleaner air and a healthy environment. Dickson’s Street Sweeping activities comply with the Federal Clean Water Act and conform to the National Pollutants Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).


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  • Stormwater Runoff Management
  • Highway Sweeping
  • Airport Sweeping- Sweeper Rentals
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