Before discussing the city of Inglewood, we can first explore some critical point that comes in our mind when we hear about a city name. These vital things can be the opportunities of livelihood, the environmental condition, housing facilities, recreational potential, and the like. Among all of them, the environmental issue is the prime concern for us if we consider today’s world situation. A polluted environment is harmful to our immune system. The immune system needs to be protective against virus-borne diseases like Covid-19.  Advanced Street Sweeping in Inglewood can be the best solution for environmental issues, ensuring a healthy and safe atmosphere for citizens, and R. F Dickson Street Sweeping Company can be the right choice in this regard.

Inglewood is a city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area located in the South Bay region of southwestern Los Angeles County, California. Incorporated in 1908, Inglewood has a total population of 109,613 (in 2019) in its 23.54 Square kilometers area. The city is only 10 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, and it is the Hollywood Park horse racing track site.

One of the fantastic facts about the town is that it was known as the “City of Champions” when the Marathon Race of the 1932 Olympics came through Inglewood. In that tournament, three High School alumni of Inglewood were Olympics winners. Today, the area is famous for the site of the Hollywood Park horse-racing track. Another historical landmark of the city is La Casa de la Centinela Adobe was built in 1836.

Today, Inglewood is a developed area and continues to grow. Once known as the agricultural hub, Inglewood is now well integrated into its residential and business communities. The city’s proximity to the Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors, its accessibility to major freeways, and Los Angeles International Airport made it a hub business investment and an ideal location for air freight business. The famous and most prominent companies of Inglewood are Sugarfina, Ito, Speedimpex USA, Marvin Engineering Co, and the Sun International Supplies Limited are top companies in the city of Inglewood. Also, the city has all of the essential and modern facilities that make it a tourist destination. There are great places, shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms to get away from home. Lots of travelers gather here every year.

Waste and hazardous chemicals are emitted by industry and manufacturing plants, posing a severe threat to the environment. Tourists generate much garbage every year with their food leftovers, bottles, paper, tissues, and canes. If trash and debris are not swept to high quality, they might end up in storm drains, storm drains and catch basins, gutters, roadways, and waterways, clogging storm drains and polluting the environment.


Street Cleaning is a way of keeping a city clean and healthy by removing harmful substances, and no town can skip the service. The ignorant and naive will reply, It’s just street sweeping, while the knowledgeable will say, street sweeping is critical to maintaining the health of our communities.

We see how the Covid-19 is effected the globe and human life. Nothing can stop this catastrophic; no cure has been invented yet. We can rely on hygiene and the immune system for the primary protection against Covid-19. Strong immunity is a must for keeping one protected against the disease. But much scientific research revealed that pollution breaks down the immune system and making us vulnerable to fatal illness. According to The European Health, there is “A strong correlation between air pollution and Covid-19 that could explain the negative impact on the immune system.” When this occurs, the only choice for eliminating pollutants and poisons from the environment and keeping the air pure, which protects our immune systems from various hazardous diseases, is to sweep the streets.

Inglewood serves as a gateway for major business centers in the United States and abroad. Century Boulevard is one of the busiest commercial corridors in the city. The city is bisected by four main highways: I-110, I-105, I-10, and I-405 and eight important thoroughfares. Hence, every day, thousands of people and tons of goods are being carried on the roads. These streets and highways become the channels of pollution by carrying transportation chemicals, petrol exhaust, brake, and tire dust. Then these materials mix with waterways, croplands, fertilizers, weed killers, animal waste, decaying leaves, and a variety of other substances. These pollutants and poisons may make their way into the environment, drinking water, and our bodies if there is no cleaning service to remove them. As a result, the importance of street sweeping in eliminating contaminants from the environment cannot be overstated.

Under the situation, R. F. Dickson Street Seeping Company in Inglewood comes up with 70 years of expertise in pollution control and disease presentation to provide Street Sweeping services in the town. Dickson can handle the complexities of the Street sweeping program and help city government keep pollutants and toxins out of the environment.

 Dickson does not cut any service from the street sweeping program to stay ahead of the bid; instead, it tries to be more efficient while providing full fledge operation. It also offers necessary consultations to the city authority that help to mitigate pollution and keep the community healthy. The company uses the most advanced technology, “Regenerative Air Sweeper,” which cleans even a tiny particle that is invisible. Expert management teams back its technology and equipment and equipment are fueled by CNG (Clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas), which keeps the air clean and breathable. The Clean Water Act and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System are followed by Dickson’s sweeping activities (NPDES).


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