Whenever you plan to live in a city, what do you bear in mind? Do you think of housing and employment opportunities, environment, weather, and recreation facilities? And in the present situation, you will think double about the environment because Covid-19 is still showing its catastrophic effect across the world. Noting is capable of stopping it yet. The research found that a clean and safe environment contributes to a more muscular immune system. Keeping harmful contaminants and toxins out of the domain is vital for maintaining a community healthy and safe, especially in the era of Covid-19. Under the situation, Advanced Street Sweeping in La Habra can be a vital measure to remove dangerous substances from its environment, supporting our immune system.

La Habra is a city in California, located in the northwestern corner of Orange County in the United States. In Spanish, the world La Habra means “pass through the hills,” and it’s one of the oldest names in Orange County. The city is approximately 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles and just 8 miles north of Anaheim. Other neighborhoods include La Habra Heights (to the north), Brea (to the east), and Fullerton (to the south). La Habra had a perfect climate and soil for citrus production. There was the Murphy-Coyotes oil lease of the Standard Oil Company (now Chevron). At the beginning of the 19th century, La Habra became a “tent city” as many new oil and citrus workers came to La Habra for employment.

Ideally positioned in North Orange County, The City of La Habra enjoys all the facilities it needs to become a commercial city. The town gives priority to business organizations and works to improve opportunities for business in the area. The city strives to collaborate with companies to address issues and enhance the community’s overall quality of life to guarantee future prosperity. More than 3,000 businesses, including giants corporations like Costco, Sam’s Club, Kohl’s, Target, and Walmart, are operating their businesses. Many waste products come out daily through their day-to-day activities, and factory wastes emit from their plants. Hence, Street Sweeping can be the most feasible attempt to clean the debris and stop them from entering our environment.

La Habra is positioned between the heart of Los Angeles and Orange County. It provides its residents and visitors a distinctive and well-rounded variety of artistic, recreational, and cultural options in its area and the neighboring beautiful cities.

La Habra’s Children’s Museum is a one-of-a-kind educational institution. Another Orange County landmark is the La Habra Depot Theatre, which is located in Portola Park. The world-famous Corn Festival is also held at La Habra. Hundreds of thousands of people from the city and its neighboring communities travel the town every year. Here comes the need for cleanliness and the safety of the tourists first. Also, tons of wastes are produced from their food leftovers and used tissues, bottles, and cans. If there is no Street Sweeping for cleaning these materials, the environment will be polluted, and the city will lose its appeal to the tourists.


The benefits of regular cleaning of streets and roads are indefinable. No one can deny the essentiality of Street Sweeping. Naïve will say it’s only Street Sweeping, but it’s all about controlling pollution and maintaining the health of a city’s community. One of the sweeping program’s comprehensive benefits is to enable immune system protection in the Covid-19 epidemic. Why? Because Covid-19 has already spread throughout the world without any obstacle and nothing can stop the killer disease. However, extensive scientific study has shown that pollution weakens the immune system, leaving us susceptible to deadly illnesses. According to The European Health Alliance, there is “a significant connection between air pollution and Covid-19 that may explain the detrimental effect on the immune system,” according to The European Health Alliance. When this happens, sweeping the streets is the only way to remove pollutants and toxins from the environment while also keeping the air clean, which protects our immune systems from a variety of illnesses like Covid-19.

La Habra is not safe from another type of dangerous pollution which is transportation pollution. The city’s streets become a medium of pollution while carrying chemicals, oils, paints, fertilizers, insecticides, and other materials. If not thoroughly cleaned, they mix up with water, agricultural lands, storm drains and end up entering our bodies and environment.

Some of the Main Benefits of Street Sweeping/Street Cleaning in La Habra:

  • Cleaning Streets of decay, waste and harmful toxic bacteria
  • For Public safety
  • Security for Pedestrians, Runners, and Cyclists
  • For Environmental protection
  • For Stormwater runoff management
  • Ensuring Wildlife & Pet Protection
  • Lessening automobile damage from road debris
  • Wetlands preservation

R.F. Dickson Street Sweeping Company knows how to control the complexities of Street Sweeping. If contracted, it can help La Habra keep its citizens healthy and protective in light of fatal diseases by removing toxins and pollutants from the surroundings.

In Street Sweeping, R. F. Dickson is the industry leader with 70 years of expertise in contamination management and illness prevention. Along with the Street Sweeping services, Dickson provides consultation to the city authority for preserving public health by controlling pollution. Dickson mainly uses the most advanced technology, “Regenerative Air Sweeper,” to sweep and clean almost everything, including tiny particles that are invisible. When available, the company uses Clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for equipment. Dickson’s Street Sweeping Services assist with comply with the Federal Clean Water Act and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).


  • Municipal Street Sweeping/Street Cleaning
  • Stormwater Runoff Management
  • Highway Sweeping
  • Seasonal Street Sweeping
  • Emergency Street Sweeping
  • Construction Sweeping
  • Heavy leaf season clean up

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