Cleanliness and environmental safety have become prime concerns for the residents of a city in the present day. Before living or working in a place, people want to be assured of the environmental wellness of the area along with other opportunities like housing and employment facilities, recreational opportunities, dining and shopping availability and the like. An environmentally sound city attracts more people to work, live, and visit it. On the other hand, a polluted town is dangerous for its public health, causing various illnesses and discouraging folks from living and working here. The need for healthy surroundings is triggered more by the present situation of COVID-19. Since there is no known cure for the COVID-19 yet, only a robust immune system can effectively fight the virus. Keeping the air quality better and breathable are vital for a proactive immune system. Advanced Street Sweeping in Long Beach can be an effective way to keep the environment free of pollution, leading to better immunity, especially in the COVID-19 era.

Long Beach is a coastal city and port located in the Los Angeles County in Southern California region. Long Beach is voted one of the America’s “Most Walkable Cities”, and it is the seventh-largest city in California. Long Beach borders the San Pedro Bay, an inlet off the coast of southern California on the Pacific Ocean. Within 10 miles of proximity are the beautiful places- Signal Hill, Rossmoor, Lakewood, Carson, Hawaiian Gardens, Bellflower, Paramount, Compton, and others.

The Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific are two of Long Beach’s most well-known urban waterfront attractions. It boasts some of Southern California’s finest coastline, marinas, and beaches, as well as a fantastic temperature tempered by gentle ocean breezes. The attractions of Long Beach and its proximity to the nearby beautiful communities make the town a destination for tourists. Thousands of tourists go here each year to marvel at the metropolis. Here the need for a clean environment and road safety arise. Effective Street Sweeping in Long Beach can remove toxins from the surroundings and debris and particle from the streets and roads in this regard.

The city of Long Beach has an enriched history and diversified culture. Long Beach is connected to the Los Angeles harbor by the Los Cerritos Channel, and it has vast docking and storage facilities, and its port is one of the busiest in the world. Manufacturing and services dominate the city’s economy; diverse sectors include aviation and shipbuilding, oil refining, food processing, and marine research.


One of the prime concerns for the government of the city of Long Beach is the thread of environmental health hazards posed by environmental pollution. Air pollution, hazards of oil refineries, and water pollution are the ecological challenges faced by the Los Angeles county authority.

Water Pollution: Long Beach and Los Angeles County are among the most polluted regions in the country in terms of air quality. A report named “State of the Air” in 2019 generated by the American Lung Association’s (ALA) reveals that people in Southern California “experience the most difficult air pollution levels in the United States.”

Hazards Posed By Oil Refineries: Long Beach residents are exposed to extra air quality concerns from oil refineries and storage sites. According to the Los Angeles County Public Health Agency, these dangers go beyond pollution and into the realm of physical and possibly fatal harm (PHA).

Water Pollution: Heal the Bay, a nonprofit organization in Southern California, monitors bacteria levels in the coastal waters in the region. A Heal the Bay Water Quality Scientist, Luke Ginger concluded that Long Beach’s water is heavily affected by the debris that flows down the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers.

City streets become the medium of pollution carrying transportation chemicals, gasoline exhaust, vehicle smoke, braking, and tire dust. These elements mix with air, croplands, storm drains, water runoff, fertilizers, weed killers, paints, oils, grease, animal waste, and the like. This toxic accumulation is hazardous for the environment and citizens of Long Beach. Pollution became the most talked-about topic, especially in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

The world still lacks remedies for COVID-19 there has not been invented any cure for the virus borne disease yet. We can only depend on a protective immune system to fight back the virus. But, environmental scientists found that pollution breaks down the immune system, making people vulnerable to COVID-19. Research by the European Health Alliance shows that there is “A strong correlation between air pollution and COVID-19, that could explain the negative impact on the immune system.” Environmentalists and health experts consider street sweeping one of the most effective and cost-effective ways of pollution management and environmental preservation, leading to improved public health, especially in light of COVID-19.

If you look for a Street Sweeper in Long Beach, R. F. Dickson Company can be the most suitable choice to remove hazardous elements and toxins from the environment before they can get into our bodies, air, land, rivers, lakes, oceans and affect our health. Dickson has been the leader of the Street Sweeping industry for seven decades. With its expertise and experience in pollution control and disease prevention, it can help the city government to handle the complexities of Street Sweeping.

Street Sweeping companies often reduce the scope of cleaning services so that they can bid lower and win the project. But Dickson strives to be more efficient while still delivering the full-fledge Street Cleaning services. The company uses the most advanced technology called the “Regenerative Air Sweeper,” which thoroughly cleans everything, including invisible materials. An advanced technical team backs its Street Sweeping systems and equipment, and its vehicles and equipment are fueled by CNG (Clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas) when available. Dickson’s Street Sweeping Services assist with attempts to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).


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  • Stormwater Runoff Management
  • Highway Sweeping
  • Seasonal Street Sweeping
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  • Construction Sweeping
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