Municipal Street Sweeping

Dickson’s primary business is meticulous Street Sweeping/General Maintenance Sweeping for municipal applications, which happens on a regular schedule in most cities. Generally, sweepers pickup common gutter debris, including most light materials; sand, dirt, grass, and small litter by way of a Street Sweeping Plan.

Dickson can help to develop, compile, and implement a Street Sweeping Plan. We can also assist with the EPA Storm Water Permit, and ancillary requirements.


City Street Sweeping Arizona

Municipalities and cities are constantly balancing the demand for immaculate streets, and environmentally budget-conscious sweeping solutions. For many clients, Dickson has represented needed stability, for more than fifty-years of continuous service. Over the years, our reputation and fleet of sweepers, has grown exponentially, as has our customers’ satisfaction.

In addition to our long-term contracts with local cities, we have provided services to major transportation agencies such as Caltrans and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). These services include, sweeping expansive interstate highways from California to New Mexico, and highly traveled areas from Utah to Tucson, Arizona.

Dickson welcomes the opportunity to tailor a sweeping solution based on your exacting needs. Whether you require a temporary, short-term, or long-term sweeping plan, Dickson is eager to work with you at every step of the way. And rest assured, when time is of the essence, same-day service is almost always available!


  • Sweeper down rental or contract
  • Heavy leaf season clean up
  • Construction clean up
  • Will assist with storm water runoff permit abatement plans
  • Additional sweepers for existing route


  • Cell Communications enabled
  • On-call availability
  • Onboard GPS monitoring
  • SCAQMD compliant for fleet rule 1186.1
  • NPDES compliant
  • SWPPPs & PM-10 specialization


Municipal Street Sweeping Nevada

That is why Dickson is conscientiously committed to the control and prevention of stormwater runoff pollution. Aligned with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations, we advocate regularly scheduled street sweeping to keep toxins out of valuable resources of water such as lakes, rivers, and oceans.

By establishing these necessary precautionary measures, Dickson can can help mitigate costly repair of our storm drain systems by street sweeping maintenance of pollution and debris. This in turn helps enhance property values, community pride, and quality of life—rain or shine.


The EPA is the authority on water pollution control, offering a multitude of resources on its website about stormwater management. Be sure to check out their webcasts, guidance documents, and tools for both industry and the public distribution.


Highway Sweeping

Dickson has provided the Arizona Department of Transportation and Caltrans with the experience necessary to get the job done right within the state regulated requirements.

Airport Sweeping- Sweeper Rentals

Dickson provides general tarmac and grounds maintenance of sweeping of roads, gate areas, and the tarmac. The general material found at airports is usually gravel, sand, small debris or litter, which we have special and suitable equipped with optional poly side brooms for safety consideration in the event of wire bristle breakage near jet intakes, exhaust and tires. Bare Sweeper Rentals are available.

Seasonal Street Sweeping

When the season gets tough, so do we, on seasonal heavy cleanup. Dickson is prepared to respond to extraordinary climatic considerations.

Emergency Street Sweeping

Our response time and experience to triage an emergency street sweeping event is unsurpassed.

Construction Sweeping – Sweeper Rentals

Our environmentally sound CNG equipment is best suited for light construction air sweeping providing a cleaner pick-up with less noise and pollution than broom sweepers. Bare Sweeper Rentals are available.

Maintaining the Job

Construction can be a dirty job…and we can appreciate the challenge of keeping road and property development sites clean and safe. Dickson advocates conscientious, high-quality sweeping as the key to both enhancing our dynamic communities and preserving our environmental assets. Whether your construction project needs hourly sweeping or regularly scheduled servicing, Dickson can structure a plan that accommodates your preferences.

Street Cleaning Arizona

Multitasking at its finest: our PB Front Loader

The Dickson front loader is an all-in-one workhorse. The perfect marriage of dump truck and loader, it handily loads, hauls, and dumps leaves, gravel, dirt, snow, trash, cold patch, and brush. Equipped with a full width 92” shovel, this dynamo can clean entire lanes with ease.

The benefits of this innovation include reduced operating costs, fewer personnel, and more available equipment for other jobs. In fact, one man and one truck can efficiently handle a workload usually requiring two men with a truck and skip loader.

Along with our CNG-powered Tymco street sweepers, the PB front loader’s is the answer to your sweeping and maintenance needs.

Be sure to call on us for emergency relief, in our service areas. Dickson can provide service calls to all trash haulers, for immediate clean-ups.



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