A city’s livability is determined by a number of things. The environment and public health are the most significant among these factors. The quality of the environment has an impact on public health. A contaminated environment causes Immune system failures which leads to a variety of deadly illnesses, including COVID-19. However, regular environmental cleaning services for the community help to maintain the environment. As a result, Advanced Street Sweeping in Placentia is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment, as well as a proactive immune system.

Placentia is a city in northern Orange County, California, 3 miles east of Fullerton, California and 3 miles northeast of Anaheim, California. Placentia includes the unincorporated community Atwood as part of it. Primarily referred to as a bedroom community the Placentia is considered a suburban region with a small-town feel.  Placentia was awarded the prestigious “All America City” award by the National Civic League in 1971. An early settler Sara Anne McFadden chose the name “Placentia” which is a Latin word meaning “a pleasant place to live.”

Placentia, like many other Orange County communities, has evolved from an agricultural village where people worked their own property to a bedroom neighborhood where most inhabitants commute to work in the city. There are several parks, historic buildings, restaurants, and retail districts in Placentia, including Placentia Town Center, Sierra Vista Plaza Shopping Center, and Rose Village Center. The Heritage Festival and the Placentia Tamale Festival are two of the many festivals and events that take place in Placentia throughout the year.

Other top 10 things to do in and near Placentia are:

  • The historic George Key Ranch.
  • Spend a Day on the Greens at Black Gold Golf Club.
  • Orange County Fair.
  • Get Outdoors at Tri-City Park.
  • Learn About Local History at the Brea Museum & Heritage Center.
  • Satisfy Your Hunger at Meat Up BBQ.
  • The popular Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.
  • Kick Back in Laguna Lake Park.
  • Get a History Lesson at The Bradford House.
  • Catch a Live Show At Brea Improv.

Placentia attracts a huge number of tourists every year. There is a need for road safety and a clean environment for visitors. Also, they may through bottles, food trash, papers, cans and other things which become pollutants. For these reasons, Advanced Street Sweeping in Placentia is paramount.


The Benefits of having a Street Sweeper in Placentia are not limited to just cleaning streets and roads of the town, rather, it is the most feasible option to make a healthy community by removing pollutants from the atmosphere.

The world has been experiencing a devastating situation. COVID-19 has destroyed almost everything. Scientific research has found that air pollution is closely related to COVID-19 by weakening the immune system. Protection immune system requires to create cleaner and safer air. So, Advanced Street Sweeping in Placentia can contribute protect air and thus the immune system, which can safeguard against COVID-19 and other fatal diseases.

Controlling stormwater pollution is a challenging issue for any city government. When stormwater travels through the storm drain system, gutters, and pipes, it collects runoff from city streets, neighborhoods, farms, construction sites, and parking lots and empties straight into local waterways, it becomes contaminated. Toxic contaminants may get up in the city’s sewage system, contaminating the community’s water supply as well as the seas and beaches in the surrounding region. Under this situation, a Street Sweeping Company in Placentia can control stormwater pollution.

When it’s to decide which Street Sweeper in Placentia should be picked up, R.F. Dickson Company the most reliable one. Dickson is serving cities in America for seven decades. Dickson’s mission is to create a healthy community and clean environment.

The company approaches the first line of defense is public education on what not to allow in our streets, waterways, that pollute our rivers, lakes, oceans, air, and bodies. Its second line of defense is Street Sweeping. The company uses the “Regenerative Air System,” which cleans nearly anything. Its operations comply with both the Clean Water Act and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Dickson’s Street Sweeping Technology and Equipment are backed up by cutting-edge technology and top-notch management.


  • Municipal Street Sweeping
  • Stormwater Runoff Management
  • Highway Sweeping
  • Seasonal Street Sweeping
  • Emergency Street Sweeping
  • Construction Sweeping
  • Heavy leaf season clean up
  • Construction clean up

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