Press Release – Hey! Where is the driver in that Moving Street Sweeper?!

Steve Dickson of RF Dickson Street Sweeping wasn’t surprised to hear and see driver-less street sweepers being used in Shanghai China. But the cities, RF Dickson services are not quite ready to have driver-less street sweepers driven by a ghost! So, the industry will again look to his company’s example, as RF Dickson proudly celebrates 70 years as the industry leader, contributing patents and a level of service bar none. 

Cites have relied on RF Dickson, a family owned business that goes back three generations for guidance in advancing street sweeping technology for cleaner and safer cities.  As soon as RF Dickson takes the lead with driver-less street sweepers, the industry will certainly follow.

Mr. Dickson says more than anything else, street sweeping is about keeping a community healthy as streets are channels of concentrated pollution.  He says, keeping the arteries of streets clean are no different than keeping the arteries of the human body healthy. 

Our streets are receptacles of pollution and carry petrol chemicals, exhaust, tire and brake dust, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, animal waste, and many other toxins through our environment.  Street sweeping takes these toxins from our environment before they can get into our bodies, he states.

The first pair of driverless street sweepers have been put into operation in an industrial park in Shanghai, China. It is reported they have a high working efficiency. The sweepers are equipped with radar sensors and artificial intelligence systems to help them avoid obstacles, pass through traffic lights and park at the designated spots.

Mr. Dickson explains driver-less technology, “The radar sensor is detection, just like with our eyes. It can transmit the information of nearby objects to the information system which works like the brain of the car and can figure out dangerous obstacles.”

But for this industry leader, whose mission is to keep communities safe and clean, driver-less sweepers are still a dream until they have a history like RF Dickson.  If the past is an indication, as soon as RF Dickson adds driver-less sweepers, the industry will follow.

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Stay-tuned for a fascinating video on the History of Street Sweeping.  A documentary in celebration of 70 years through the eyes of RF Dickson and the challenges for a healthy environment. Release date December 2019.

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