Press Release- Keeping it Clean for 70 Years!

“It is only street sweeping” what’s the big deal? 

“Our community’s health is beyond a “Big Deal!” and our streets are carriers of environmental pollution, witnesses Steve Dickson, a third-generation street sweeper, and CEO of RF Dickson Company, further stating, “More than anything else, street sweeping is about keeping a community healthy.” 

In agreement, Dr. Shahir Masri, an environmental scientist at UCI, a pollution specialist, and founder of, says “Streets are channels of concentrated receptacles of pollution, carrying petrol chemicals, exhaust products, tire and brake dust, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, animal waste, and many other harmful pollutants through our environment.  Street sweeping helps to take these pollutants from our environment before they can get into our communities and bodies.”

Mr. Dickson approaches our streets no different than keeping the arteries of the human body clear and clean. 

RF Dickson is proudly celebrating 70 years as the industry leader, contributing patents and a level of service bar none to its cities, but most importantly our good health.  So thankful are these cities, awards have been showered upon RF Dickson for being an integral part of the health of the communities served. 

Cites have relied on RF Dickson, a family owned business that goes back three generations for guidance in advancing street sweeping technology for cleaner and safer cities.  As soon as RF Dickson takes the lead, the industry tries to follow.

In development is a fascinating video on A History of Street Sweeping.  A documentary in celebration of 70 years through the eyes of RF Dickson and the challenges for a healthy environment. Release date December 2019.

On the ground dealing with pollution and public health daily, are the city administrators.  They know street sweeping is a “big deal” and a vital service to all residence’s health. 

City Administrators call it Job #1 and state that RF Dickson’s dedication to the city’s health, gives everyone peace of mind:

“They do a fabulous job of keeping our city streets clean and contributing to the environment.” Lisa Rapp, Director of Public Works, City of Lakewood, Past President American Public Works Association

RF Dickson stops the spread of harmful contaminants before it can get into our homes and affect our health.” Dia Turner, City Analyst. City of Lomita

“RF Dickson is a serious team member in maintaining our community’s health.” Tony Brandyberry, Public Works Superintendent

RF Dickson is a family-owned and operated company, committed to leaving our planet cleaner and greener, for the next generation.  That means a lot to our community.”  Cathy Hornsby (Customer, Mother)

“RF Dickson is value driven; like no other for reputation, history and technical expertise.” Marwan Youssef, Public Works Director, City of Westminster

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