Advanced Street Sweeping for COVID-19 Prevention, Protection and Immunity

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Advanced Street Sweeping™ / Advanced Street  Cleaning™ for COVID-19 Prevention, Protection and Immunity PSA Video

This report focuses on the vital importance of Street Sweeping, that removes 8,000 pounds of toxic pollution per street sweeper, daily. Making street sweeping paramount to fight pollution that can weaken the immune system increasing vulnerability to Covid-19 and other diseases.

Street Sweeping for COVID-19 prevention, protection and immunity from other diseases  has become a movement in society, especially during this particular time. Simply, what goes into the streets, animal waste, pesticides, fertilizes, herbicides, paints, chemicals, oils, and many other toxins that enter the environment and into our bodies! 

Every Citizen Must Know What Not to put into our gutters, leading to our water ways, polluting our environment and decrease immunity protection against Covid-19 and other diseases. Advanced Street Sweeping™ removes pollution from our bodies. 

The environmental health nonprofit has produced a free Public Service Announcement (PSA) Video to help educate citizens as what not to put into our curbs and gutters, creating toxic pollution and road hazards, damaging our environment and health. The Covid-19 Epidemic has made Advanced Street Sweeping™ paramount to removing pollutants that weaken our immune system. 

According to the European Health Alliance; There is “A strong correlation between air pollution and COVID-19, that could explain the negative impact on the immune system. Many scientific studies show that Pollution is harmful to and impedes the Immune System, so in light of Covid-19, Advanced Street Sweeping™ is vital. The public defense against Covid-19 is a strong immune system from a less toxic environment. Street Sweeping cleans Environmental pollution to improve Immunity Protection.

NOT ALL STREET SWEEPING PROGRAMS ARE CREATED EQUAL – Some cities have inadequate management and equipment to handle the severity of the ongoing toxic pollution and clean-up, affecting and compromising our immune systems. Some equipment is so inferior, it can cause even greater pollution and traffic hazards.

Most regretfully, some cities are cutting back on this vital service and some Street Sweepers are cutting corners to make-up for their low bids. Both affecting citizen’s health and immunity protection against Covid-19 and other health related issues. Street Sweeping for COVID-19 prevention, protection and immunity is extremely important in populated cities throughout the world.

On the frontlines are city personnel, city managers, public works directors, mayors, citizens, and Dr. Shair Masri from the Harvard School of Public Health and the 70 year old industry leader; RF Dickson Street Sweeping Company that has led the industry and defined Advanced Street Sweeping™.

Dr. Shahir Masri says “You can stop water run-off pollution before it can get into our body and help prevent the contamination of our city streets, air, streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Experts like Dr. Masri and RF Dickson Street Sweeping are tackling pollution and creating adequate systems for healthy air, land, water and protecting our immunity against disease.

 Introduction Street surface pollution is a known contributor to the degradation of water and air quality in urban areas (Christenson et al. 1978; de Luca et al. 1991; Sutherland and Tolosa 2000; US EPA 1983). Deposits from motor vehicle emissions and wear, industry, atmospheric fallout, soils, and plants accumulate on road surfaces. These deposits contain heavy metal and organic matter pollutants that are harmful to ecosystems and human health (Pitt 1979; Rogge et al. 1993; US EPA 1983).

A Historic Necessity: American Public Health Association, Washington, D. C., September 1912. The cleaning of city streets is necessary for several reasons which may be summarized as the preservation of the public health, the physical comfort and convenience of the people, and a regard for decent cleanliness and good appearance. Of these, the preservation of the public health must be considered of first importance. Filthy streets have long been held by sanitary authorities to be a prolific cause of disease.

 R.F. Dickson’s Advanced Street SweepingHas Been Defined By The Industry Leader Based On 70 Years’ Experience 

  • Encompasses decades of varying applications;
  • A dedicated team protecting a city’s health by proprietary expert systems & procedures;
  • Regenerative Air Cleaning System Street Sweeping Equipment;
  • Daily Equipment Maintenance;
  • Advanced Technical Equipment;
  • Expert Management Teams; and
  • Fueled predominately by clean burning compressed natural gas (CNG). 
  • Most importantly, the ability to partnership with City Management and the Community to inform and educate citizens to be part of the Solution, what not to put into our gutters, to fight air, land and water pollution and diseases.
  • This model is based on 70 years, four generations of history from RF Dickson Street Sweeping Company.

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